Getting Ready for the New Year (AEP Volume 1)

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) will soon be upon us. There are a few things you can do to make your life easier before the big Medicare rush starts in October.

Make sure you know where your red, white, and blue Medicare card is, and that it's the new one that has the alpha-numeric number that isn't related to any other ID number. You'll need it to sign up for a new Part D plan, if you have a Supplement, or a new Part C plan.

Keep an updated list of all of your prescription medications handy so we can compare them to the 2020 plan coverages. Prescription drug plans and Part C (Advantage) plans change every year, so we need to see how they will cover your specific medications, or you could end up with some very unpleasant surprises to your bank account in 2020. Let's not let that happen.

Particularly if you have a Part C plan, make a list of your doctors and facilities and prioritize them by how important they are to you. As with the Part D plans, these Advantage plans change every year. While doctors, networks, and facilities can change throughout the year, they change most at AEP. It may be necessary to change plans in order to keep your favorite doctors. I will help you weigh that and your prescription costs to find a plan that meets your needs.

Most of all, let's get started early. Don't wait until the last week of November to try to schedule time to get these things done. Not only are the Holidays imminent, the AEP ends the first week of December. Let's be proactive and get it done ASAP.

I'll post more about AEP as details from the plans and from Medicare become available, so keep watching. As always, contact me any time with any questions or concerns you may have.

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